Dr. Melisa Robichaud, R. Psych.

Dr. Melisa Robichaud is a psychologist at the Vancouver CBT Centre, an adjunct faculty member in the Department of Psychology at the University of British Columbia (UBC), a clinical instructor in the UBC Department of Psychiatry, and a clinical associate in the Department of Psychology at Simon Fraser University (SFU). She is also certified as an expert in cognitive-behavioural therapy by the Canadian Association of Cognitive and Behavioural Therapies (CACBT). Previously, Dr. Robichaud was a psychologist in the former Anxiety Disorders Clinic of UBC Hospital where she provided assessment and treatment to anxiety disorder patients. She also trained and supervised psychiatry and psychology residents in how to assess, diagnose, and treat anxiety disorders. 

Melisa’s area of specialization is cognitive-behaviour therapy (CBT) for anxiety disorders, with a special emphasis on generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). She ran the GAD treatment program at the former Anxiety Disorders Clinic of UBC Hospital and has provided workshops to professionals internationally on how to recognize and treat GAD. She has published numerous scientific articles, book chapters, as well as co-authored two books on CBT and GAD, and is in the process of writing her third book. Melisa is also on the editorial board of Cognitive and Behavioral Practice, an academic journal designed to bridge the gap between scientific research and clinical practice. 

Dr. Robichaud received her Ph.D. in clinical psychology at Concordia University in Montreal. She completed a post-doctoral fellowship in the Department of Psychiatry at UBC Hospital where she was involved in research on cognitive therapy for OCD (Primary Obsessions subtype). Dr. Robichaud is currently the President of the Canadian Association of Cognitive and Behavioural Therapies (CACBT), was an Anxiety Canada Board of Director from 2006 to 2010, and now serves as a Scientific Committee Member with Anxiety Canada.