Action Anxiety Day Toolkit

Anxiety and anxiety disorders have a significant human and economic impact on individuals and society. By uniting to build awareness and provide mutual support through shared stories, we can break the stigma. Raising funds towards free or affordable treatment resources will improve quality of life, increase productivity for adults, and build resiliency for children and teens.  

In this toolkit, you will find ways to advocate and show your support of Action Anxiety Day on June 10th through participating in social media (including sample posts and hashtags) and requesting proclamations for recognition of Action Anxiety Day and illumination of buildings and amenities.

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How can you ACT on Action Anxiety Day?

Awareness/Advocacy – Raise awareness of anxiety by sharing your own anxiety stories. By sharing you are also advocating for those who cannot. Sharing is caring!

Colours – Wear blue and orange on June 10th to show support and eliminate the stigma around anxiety disorders. Everyone has anxiety. Anxiety disorders are highly treatable.

Treatment – Raise funds to develop trusted evidence-based resources and affordable treatments for children, teens and adults. Education and increased access to support and services will benefit all of society.

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What are some specific ways that you can ACT to support Action Anxiety Day?

  • Sign and support the Action Anxiety Day proclamation.
  • Share your story and support others. We want to hear your anxiety stories and we’ve made it easy for you to share them with suggested posts, hashtags and frames.
    • Don’t forget to tag us! We’re active on Facebook (@anxietycanada), Instagram (@anxiety_canada), Twitter (@anxiety_canada), and LinkedIn (@anxietycanada).
  • Help us request proclamations and illuminations.
    • A proclamation is a public or official announcement issued by your local government. Sending a letter of request for a proclamation, or a letter of recognition/support to your local community or government is an excellent opportunity to raise awareness about Action Anxiety Day.
    • An illumination is a lighting installation on buildings and amenities that provides a unique opportunity to display the official colours of Action Anxiety Day – blue and/or orange – to create awareness of Action Anxiety Day.
    • View the Proclamation and Illuminations granted here. If you succeed at getting a proclamation or illumination tag us on social media.

To download the complete Action Anxiety Day toolkit, click here. To download individual media files, please click the associated icon below.

Request a Proclamation or Illumination

Action Anxiety Day Proclamation Sample Proclamation Request Sample Illumination Request

Social Media Resources

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Other key resources

Learn more about anxiety and discover tools to manage anxiety in adults, youth, and children.

Get some free downloadable anxiety resources.

Download our free MindShift CBT app to learn to relax and take charge of your anxiety.

Discover MindShift CBT Groups, an affordable virtual group therapy program offered to eligible Canadians.

You can also listen to our podcast, #OurAnxietyStories.

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About Anxiety Canada 

Vision: A society where mental health is prioritized and free of stigma and prejudice.

Mission: To reduce anxiety as a barrier to living life the way you want.

Established in 1999, Anxiety Canada is a world leader in developing free or affordable evidence-based resources on anxiety. Our resources are used by people seeking anxiety management help. If anxiety is getting in the way of your life, we invite you to participate in Action Anxiety Day and explore the resources above. By doing so, you will understand what anxiety is, how it feels, and learn ways you or someone you care about can be empowered to cope. Our resources are developed for those with mild-moderate anxiety, although they can be useful to all those impacted by anxiety.