June 10 is Action Anxiety Day!

Action Anxiety Day blue and orange
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Action Anxiety Day orange and blue

June 10, 2022 will be the 2nd annual World Anxiety Day, known as Action Anxiety Day


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Join us in supporting the annual, worldwide anxiety awareness day, known as Action Anxiety Day!

Over the course of their lifetime, more than 30% of people may be diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, with women affected nearly twice as often as men. Despite how common anxiety is, many of us have a hard time opening up about our experience with anxiety and how it affects our lives. This can rob us of enjoyment of everyday things and prevent us from seeking the support we need because we are silent.

We want to destigmatize anxiety and make treatment more accessible for everyone. But to do that, we need you to help us ACT.

How can you ACT to support Action Anxiety Day?

Awareness/Advocacy – Raise awareness of anxiety by sharing your own anxiety stories. 

Colours – Wear blue and orange on June 10 to show support and eliminate the stigma around anxiety disorders. 

Treatment – Raise funds to develop trusted evidence-based resources and affordable treatments for children, teens, and adults. 

More ways to show support:

  • Sign and support the Action Anxiety Day proclamation.
  • Print out our Action Anxiety Day poster and pin it up at school or in your office!
  • Share your story and support others. We want to hear your anxiety stories and we’ve made it easy for you to share them with suggested posts, hashtags, and frames. Learn more here.
  • Show your support on social media by using the following hashtags: #ActionAnxietyDay #ACTonAnxiety #ACTdontAvoid
  • Wear blue and orange on Action Anxiety Day and snap a selfie; don’t forget to tag us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn!


View our toolkit here


Action Anxiety Day Sponsors

Action Anxiety Day is supported by our generous sponsors, Point Blank Creative, Telus, Barb’s Bakery & Bistro, and the Bateman Foundation. Action Anxiety is also supported by Beneva, our Healthy Thinking Partner.

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Have Signed Since 2021

To sign and support our Action Anxiety Day Proclamation, please fill out your contact information in the blue box below the Proclamation.

Action Anxiety Day Proclamation

WHEREAS, June 10, 2022, has been declared the 2nd World Anxiety Day, known as Action Anxiety Day – an annual awareness and education day created in Vancouver, British Columbia, by Anxiety Canada; and

WHEREAS, prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, at least 18% of Canadians were affected by anxiety disorders, with women being impacted nearly twice as much as men; and

Anxiety disorders interfere with an individual’s everyday activities, including work, school, and making social connections; and

Stigma and access to affordable treatment can be major barriers to individuals living life the way they want; and

Sharing evidence-based resources and engaging communities about anxiety can reduce stigma and improve the well-being of communities;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, I support Action Anxiety Day.



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