Resource Documents (Printable Format)

Helpful "How To" Documents for Parents

Applied Tension Technique For Children or Teens Who Faint at the Sight of Blood or Needles

How To Teach Your Child Calm Breathing

Developing and Using Cognitive Coping Cards

Helping Your Child Cope with Back-to-School Anxiety

How To Cope with Nightmares

Helping Your Child Sleep Alone or Away from Home

Healthy Thinking for Younger Children

Helping Your Anxious Child Make Friends

How To Do Progressive Muscle Relaxation

How To Cope With Nightmares

Helping Your Child Overcome Perfectionism

Realistic Thinking

My Fear Thermometer


How To Address Excessive Reassurance Seeking

Talking to Your Child or Teen About Anxiety

What Am I Thinking?

Thoughts Affect Feelings Form

The STOP Plan Handout

Hopping Down the Worry Path

Thinking Traps

Challenging Negative Thinking

Realistic Thinking for Teens

Chester The Cat Feels Anxious! Identifying Anxiety in the Body

How Do I Feel Anxiety in My Body


Home Management Tips for Parents

Helpful Tips for Parents

Healthy Habits in the Home

General Home Management Strategies

Home Management Strategies for
Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Home Management Strategies for OCD
(Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)


Home Management Strategies for
Separation Anxiety Disorder

Home Management Strategies for
Social Anxiety Disorder

Home Management Strategies for
Specific Phobia

Self-Help Strategies for PTSD


Helpful "How To" Documents for Self-Help

Self-Help Strategies for GAD

Managing Your OCD at Home

Self-Help Strategies for Panic Disorder

Self-Help Strategies for PTSD

Self-Help Strategies for Social Anxiety

Managing Your Phobia

Applied Tension

Calm Breathing (Diaphragmatic Breathing)

Challenging Negative Thinking

Effective Communication - Improving Your Social Skills

Examples of Fear Ladders

Exposure Exercises for Panic Disorder

Facing Fears Form

Facing Fears - Exposure

Fear Ladder Form

Friends and Family Can Help

Guide For Goal Setting

Tips For Healthy Living

How To Effectively Manage Obsessions


How To Do Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Obsession Challenging Form

Obsession Interpretation Form

Obsessive Fear Monitoring Form

How To Overcome Perfectionism

How To Solve Daily Life Problems

Realistic Thinking Form

Realistic Thinking

How To Prevent A Relapse

Sleep Diary

Getting A Good ight's Sleep

Thinking Traps

How To Tolerate Uncertainty

Unhelpful Interpretations of Obsessions

What is Anxiety?

What is CBT?

Worry Diary

How To Write A Worry Script