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Chef Extraordinaire and friend of Anxiety Canada, Bruno Feldeisen, shared his story with us a while back. His story is a great reminder that anxiety and panic attacks can happen to anyone – men or women; however, men have half the reported rate of anxiety disorders as women. “You don’t need to be ashamed of the life you’re living—by seeking treatment, you could fully live the life you want.” – Bruno

“Because mental illness is inside our heads, invisible, it means others tread so carefully, and people don’t know what to say, whereas if you have a broken leg in plaster, everyone knows what to say.” Prince William on sadness his children will never meet Diana: ‘I’d like to ask her advice’

A UK study ranks Instagram most detrimental for young people’s mental health.

“A child who appears oppositional or aggressive may be reacting to anxiety he can’t articulate.”…/how-anxiety-leads-to-disruptive-be…/

We’re pleased that Mindshift has made another list!  22 Apps That Help Our Mental Health.

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