Want to learn more about anxiety and hear people from all walks of life share their experiences with anxiety?

Welcome to #OurAnxietyStories – The Anxiety Canada Podcast!

On World Mental Health Day (October 10, 2019) our host John Bateman, who has coped with anxiety for much of his life, recorded 8 hours of interviews with psychologists, experts, celebrities, and regular folks.

These 15-minute conversations cover a wide range of topics including:

  • Agoraphobia;
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD);
  • Panic disorder;
  • Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD);
  • Separation anxiety;
  • Social anxiety; and
  • Phobias.

As people with anxiety, our experience matters. There’s power and pride in talking about our anxiety. And the more we talk about it, the more likely it is that one day everyone will be able to get the mental health support they need. As a charity, every dollar we receive makes a big difference. Please DONATE so we can increase our advocacy work.

Listen to each episode below:

  1. Cathy Jones
  2. Megan Street
  3. Raji Aujla
  4. Bruno Feldeisen
  5. Kendall McLean
  6. Melanie Badali
  7. Mark Virgin
  8. Camila Melo Pereira
  9. Rita Schnarr
  10. Rosemary Young
  11. Andrew Scott
  12. Lynn Miller
  13. Bryde MacLean
  14. Ramona Bonthwick
  15. Emmy Vallée
  16. Richard Trudel
  17. Joey Laguio

We are inviting listeners like you to share your stories on all the major social media platforms, using the hashtag #OurAnxietyStories. To share your own story as part of Season Two, please email [email protected]