The Anxiety Canada YouTube Channel has over 50 videos on anxiety-related topics including social anxiety, selective mutism, and panic disorder – to name a few. The following videos were viewed the most in November. Check out the videos below, and be sure to subscribe to our channel.

1. Selective Mutism: Giving Kids a Voice with Dr.Annie Simpson

Do you know a child who doesn’t speak in some social situations despite speaking freely in others? Learn the latest about selective mutism. Strategies for helping kids who are very “shy” or who have selective mutism be brave and talk at home, school and in public.

2. Understanding and Managing Selective Mutism

Selective mutism is a childhood anxiety disorder that is diagnosed when a child consistently does not speak in some situations, but speaks comfortably in other situations. This 10 minute short video explains selective mutism and shows the viewer effective strategies for treating children with this disorder. The strategies presented in this video can be used by caregivers, teachers, and friends in various settings.

3. Helping Your Anxious Child: What it looks like and what parents can do

Anxiety is the most commonly diagnosed mental health condition in children and youth. 1 in 4 children experience significant anxiety at some point in their lives. This video explores common childhood fears and how parents can respond with empathy, and coach children to think helpful thoughts and gradually face their fears. Check out:

4. 了解和處理選擇性緘默症 – Understanding and Managing Selective Mutism


5. Child and Teen Panic Disorder

Children and teens with Panic Disorder experience unexpected and repeated panic attacks. This is typically followed by at least one month of concern about having additional attacks and/or a fear of something bad happening because of the panic attack (such as going crazy, losing control, or dying).


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