Feb 12, 2019
Panic attacks can feel terrifying in the moment. Managing your thoughts and behaviours can go along way toward reducing frequency and intensity of panic symptoms as well as how much they interfere with your life.
Feb 04, 2019
When panic attacks, you may not know what’s happening. If you don’t know what’s going on or how to deal with it, it can be very scary. Understanding panic can help you deal with it.
Oct 16, 2018
When I think of fall, the first thing I think of are the stresses of school. They may not seem like big things to most people, but they are to me. Tests, friends, enemies, homework and isolation are what I think of when I think of going back. And this year wasn’t any different. Walking through those school doors, I felt an intense rush of emotions. Fear being the biggest one.
May 09, 2018
An Anxiety Canada Champion is an individual who is passionate about mental health, shares the organization’s vision and is interested in ‘championing’ our mission. We are pleased to announce that John Bateman is Anxiety Canada's newest Champion!
Mar 07, 2018
A survey by Children’s Mental Health Ontario that was released late last year suggests that almost half of the province’s youth miss school due to issues related to anxiety, and one-quarter of parents surveyed have missed work to care for their child due to issues related to anxiety. This article had me thinking not only about how organizations are impacted by the mental health of their employees – but also, how the mental health of employee's children can trickle into the workforce. Another study conducted by The Conference Board of Canada , showed that lost productivity caused by workers’ depression and anxiety costs the Canadian economy almost $50 billion a year, both through lost absenteeism – calling in sick, and presenteeism – being at work and performing at reduced productivity. I’m curious to know what percentage of these stats include absenteeism of parents who have had to take time off work to take care of their child’s mental health – not to mention the presenteeism of...
Feb 27, 2018
Eight years ago, when I graduated from high school, I never -- not in my WILDEST of dreams -- could have guessed where I would end up today, as I write this personal and intimate blog post for Anxiety Canada. It's funny how life works sometimes, isn't it? One day you can be so confident about your life path, and then the next moment, you realize just how little you know about yourself and where you want to go next. That's what today's blog post is about -- that extremely jarring period in my life when I dealt with the realization that, put simply, my life just wasn't working. And I hope that by sharing this, I can encourage others to come forward with their own narratives and help people feel just a bit less alone. It is my sincere intent to inject a little more honesty and reality into this world of curated social media feeds and start a conversation about the struggles and trials required to achieve what the world typically deems as "successful." I was a very different person eight...
Feb 14, 2018
Watching the Olympics never ceases to inspire me. Since I’m a psychologist, not an athlete, I might notice different things than the average sports enthusiast. Although the physicality of the athletes obviously impresses me, it is their mental strength and resilience that I wish to reflect upon in this blog post. One thing I love about the Olympics is watching people fall. I’m not talking about a fall where an athlete gets injured – I don’t like that kind of fall. But I like the “normal” falls. I love seeing the best of the best fall down and get back up again. I love seeing the best of the best fall and still win a gold medal. It is so inspiring, and it’s an excellent reminder to us all. It’s easy to get stuck thinking the world will end if we “fall” – if we fail, if we get rejected, if we lose. If we think that way, we will generally feel anxious about falling. Since feeling anxious is uncomfortable and unpleasant, we may go out of our way to avoid falling. The only problem is that...
Jan 11, 2018
A new year is upon us once again and people are talking about New Year’s resolutions. Some people get excited about the beauty of a new beginning, while others can’t be bothered because they've been burned in the past. Either way, a new year is a good time for a fresh perspective...
Dec 12, 2017
Despite the smiling faces you see across your social media feeds, if you look around in the real world, you may notice that not everyone is feeling merry and jolly this time of year. In a survey on holiday stress, the American Psychological Association (APA) found that people are more likely to report their stress level increases rather than decreases during the holidays. Stress is a common experience that can arise when demands are placed on us. For many people, demands increase leading to the holiday season...
Nov 01, 2017
In a recent conversation with a colleague, he kindly pointed out to me that I am a "Type A personality" and when it comes to my Type A personality, he told me that I’m an A+. I admit, I always did strive for A+ marks in school, but as all great Type A’s know – we are never satisfied, no matter how well we do...