May 2017

Jun 01, 2017

I’m 23 years old, and I recently completed my undergraduate degree. Fresh out of school I started the transition towards my new life and a new career. As someone who struggles with anxiety, I found this process extremely difficult. After I had finished my undergrad, I left my school, my group of friends, and the life that I grew accustomed to over the past four years in Kelowna, and transitioned from living with a roommate to moving back with my parents in Vancouver. I started my job search with a positive attitude; however, it only took a month before everything hit the fan.

May 17, 2017

In my grade 12 yearbook, I was voted “most likely to get the most education.” I resented this nomination at the time, but fast forward ten years later, and here I am with two postsecondary degrees. People now ask me when I’m going to go for my Ph.D.… I smile and say, “I don’t think a Ph.D. is for me.”  What I don't tell them is why. ...

May 11, 2017

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there. The wish on this Mother's Day is – happiness. But this is not always the reality. Life is full of other emotions too. Sadness. Anger. Disgust. Surprise. Guilt. Fear. This is normal. Especially if you are flooded with images of the “perfect Mother’s Day” on your social media feed, it can get you down if yours doesn’t seem as “perfect.”

May 03, 2017

In appreciation of Mental Health Week, I am going to share my experience with social anxiety in hopes that my story will provide a sense of connection and inspiration for others. The intent of this post isn’t to steer you in the direction I went, or tell you what to do. My aim is to share my story, knowing that maybe somebody else will feel less alone reading it, and will be inspired to take action or open up in their way about their mental health....