February 2019

Feb 26, 2019
Since it was first released for iOS in 2012, Anxiety Canada’s original MindShift app has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times by people worldwide. It is referred by educators and health professionals, and is a recommended tool in several academic institutions, in Canada and internationally. Also in the intervening years, the public’s need for help with anxiety has become more pronounced: a 2018 poll of 1,500 Canadians found 41% of those surveyed identified themselves as “someone who struggles with anxiety”. Profit-driven app makers have entered the market catering to this need, frequently charging more than $65 per year for access to some basic mindfulness exercises. We asked Joey Laguio, who works at Anxiety Canada, and Etienne Stemmet, Project Manager at Freshworks Studio , about what it was like making MindShift CBT in this environment of heightened expectations and competition. According to Joey, it was important “to see the look and feel of the app get updated. We at...
Feb 12, 2019

Panic attacks can feel terrifying in the moment. Managing your thoughts and behaviours can go along way toward reducing frequency and intensity of panic symptoms as well as how much they interfere with your life.

Feb 04, 2019

When panic attacks, you may not know what’s happening. If you don’t know what’s going on or how to deal with it, it can be very scary. Understanding panic can help you deal with it.