Movember and Men's Mental Health - My Story, by Henry Allan

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Movember has ended, so we'd like to give a shout out to all the people who discarded their razors in support of prostate cancer and men's mental health. Anxiety Canada is pleased to share Movember supporter, Henry Allan’s story with you:

I started suffering from OCD around the age of 13, and continued to deal with it right through my teens. By the time I was 20, my OCD had become so severe my life came to a complete stop. It literally took me hours to choose which side of the bed to get out of; I was repeating my actions to such an extent I could barely leave the house — and when I did get outside, I had to retrace my steps so much that I couldn’t get anywhere (it actually took me three hours to walk four blocks one day). I couldn’t work, I couldn’t see my friends; my parents were looking after me 24/7 - and I tired them out so much walking back and forth that they had to take shifts staying beside me.

Then my father made an appointment to see Dr. Robichaud at the Vancouver CBT Centre. I can’t thank her enough – Dr. Robichaud's brilliant! She explained the patterns of OCD to me, talked me through my obsessions (sometimes while I was having them), and over a few months, helped me gradually chip away at my compulsions. I’ve been OCD-free for five years now. And although I still deal with a little more anxiety than most (at least I think I do), anytime it gets too much, Dr. Robichaud helps me pick myself up again. In general, my anxiety is extremely manageable now, and I’m really happy with my life.

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