Research Results – What you told us

Thursday, July 7, 2016

In our last Strides issue we told you about the two surveys we were running on our website.

In the first survey called User Preference Survey we asked you to tell us of your preferences for additional services, and what parts of our site you find most useful. We were hoping to get 500 respondents, instead we got 1277. Thank-you for your participation.

Click here to see the results.

The second was a research survey called User Experiences Survey. We received 68 respondents in total. The purpose of the second survey was to gather information about the experience of people accessing www.Anxiety the reasons they were seeking information about anxiety, their confidence in seeking out treatment, and their basic knowledge about anxiety disorders.

Congratulations to Lise Cluff whose name was randomly drawn from participants of the Research Survey, to win a iPad mini.

Click here to see the results.