Creating a MAP

Now that you are becoming more knowledgeable about anxiety, we encourage you and your child to begin using a range of effective tools to systematically reduce unwanted worry, and to better cope with the daily challenges your child may face. One way to do this is by developing a My Anxiety Plan (MAP), with your child. The tools outlined in the individual MAP sections are intended for use when your child is struggling to tolerate the unwanted sensations, urges, thoughts, feelings, and problematic behaviours that can occur with elevated stress and worry. These tools are designed to help your child learn to float with his/her stress and worry, rather than trying to change, control, or eliminate it. As well, these tools support increased tolerance of anxiety and healthy coping, in a calm and mindful way.



A session-to-session MAP Template

A session-to-session example of a child's MAP

Starter Tools - Preparing for the job

  • These tools help prepare your child to begin to tackle their anxiety

Universal Tools - On the job

  • These tools will assist your child in tackling their anxiety

Optional Tools - Additions to the job

  • These tools will assist your child with specific situations