For many anxious children and teens, it is optimal to provide them with a variety of tools to challenge their anxiety. Having a variety of tools enables your youth to have more than one option if a particular tool proves insufficient to reduce unwanted anxiety, or your child reports the tool "doesn't work." While we encourage you to use the template My Anxiety Plan (MAP) to guide which selection of tools are most likely to be effective for which type of anxiety, the difficulties some youth face may not fit neatly into a single category. Therefore we have created a complete list of tools designed for all ages and types of anxiety located in the lefthand navigation bar. You and your child can choose from among this list, those tools, and worksheets, that will best address your youth's specific needs. Whether you use tools from the MAP templates or create a customized MAP, all tools are intended to help your child learn to tolerate and cope with anxiety, so that they can get back to the important task of being a kid or teen, and leading the life they want even if anxiety pops up into the future.