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Kathleen Murdock
Communications Lead


Kathleen Murdock joined the Anxiety Canada team as a Communications Specialist in February 2022. Because of her contributions, leadership and impact at Anxiety Canada, Kathleen was promoted to Communications Lead in April 2023.

She is a graduate of the Digital Publishing program at Langara College, which nurtured her love of writing and strengthened her content creation, editing, and design skills. Her professional experience in digital marketing and publishing led her to a former role at Geist magazine, where she still volunteers as a proofreader and book reviewer.

When Kathleen saw that Anxiety Canada was hiring, she jumped at the opportunity to use her skills to support anxiety management programs, as the cause is close to her heart.

Kathleen is open about her experience with anxiety, hoping to help break the stigma around mental health and normalize going to therapy. Through therapy and other anxiety treatments, Kathleen now views anxiety as her superpower in many ways. She wants to help other people feel the same way!

Kathleen is passionate about equality, human rights, and travel. She’s travelled all over (Southeast Asia, Australia, Europe, the Caribbean, and America) but loves living in Vancouver as a guest on unceded Indigenous land belonging to the Coast Salish Peoples. After work, she is usually at a local drag or comedy show with friends—or home watching New Girl re-runs with her partner and talkative black cat.