If you are browsing through this section, it is likely you also have been to other sections and are becoming knowledgeable about the impact of anxiety. However, for many of us dealing with the daily effects of anxiety, simply having the knowledge is not sufficient to end our suffering. Rather we must "show what we know." Yet adopting and putting in to practice the vast array of materials and tools outlined on this website can take time, patience, and perseverance.

Fortunately, using the numerous audio files in the following section can be a helpful intermediate step. These audios include our In Conversation series where you can learn more about anxiety from leading experts, to downloadable files on calm breathing, mindful body scans, visualizations, and more. These audio files can provide an immediate step towards reducing anxiety by soothing a tense body and calming unwanted anxious chatter. In doing so, you may find with less "noise" from anxiety, you are better able to learn and apply other materials available on this website. We have developed these audio files in both male and female voices, and in varying lengths, as well as using a range of target situations for anxiety, and visual imagery scenes for relaxation training. We hope you find these useful.