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  1. How Much Anxiety is Too Much?

    ... incapacitating fear. For example, some women (like Susan ) begin to feel terrified of even leaving the house. They may begin to ...

    editor - 2015/04/16 - 11:13am

  2. How to Make Exposures Work FOR you not against you

    ... exercise, like walking a little farther from home. Susan , who is afraid to take her child to a particular playground where she ... minutes, long enough for her moderate anxiety to decrease. Susan could return to that playground daily, each time waiting until her ...

    editor - 2014/11/21 - 2:42pm

  3. Developing and Using Cognitive Coping Cards

    ... Realistic Thinking for Teens .  Coping card #2: Susan Susan gets very anxious when she is at school. She is worried that the other ...

    editor - 2018/09/19 - 12:12pm

  4. Effective Communication - Improving your Social Skills

    ... be assertive on behalf of someone else (e.g. I would like Susan to choose the restaurant this week). Myth #3: Passivity is the ...

    editor - 2018/09/19 - 12:12pm