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Bring ACTION ANXIETY DAY into your classroom leading up to June 10th. Let’s create awareness about anxiety and educate kids with tools that work! Our educational toolkit is ideal for educating Grades K-7. Please note: the French toolkit now available on our French website.

Download The Educator Toolkit

During the week of June 10th:

  • Save time to talk to your class about anxiety
  • Use the toolkit to facilitate class discussion and activity
  • Encourage students to wear blue and orange to show support
  • Send us stories or photos from the day

Action Anxiety Day (AAD) is dedicated to anxiety awareness and education, as well as reducing the stigma around anxiety disorders.

As educators, you have a unique opportunity to create a safe and supportive space for students, especially when it comes to their mental health.

Anxiety is common for many children, and we can empower them with knowledge and the tools they need to cope.

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We understand that as educators, your schedules are jam-packed, so we’ve created an easy-to-use toolkit to educate elementary students. Our goal is to make learning about anxiety as easy and accessible as possible! 

Together, we can create a positive and supportive learning environment that benefits young students. Our Action Anxiety Day toolkit includes:

  • An Action Anxiety Day poster and a PDF of our kid-friendly proclamation to print out.
  • A lesson plan for both grades K-3 and 4-7 and additional worksheets to customize your plans.
  • Optional: Share your experiences with the toolkit and tag us on social media (or email us your photos and feedback!).
  • Share the toolkit’s drawing and writing contest with your students!

Action Anxiety Day Sponsors

Our sponsors help make Action Anxiety Day a success. We would like to shine a light on our amazing supporters and show our gratitude. Thank you to our generous Mental Health Champions, Beneva and TELUS Health, and our Mindful Partner, Johnson&Johnson.

Learn More about Anxiety Canada

Anxiety Canada is a leader in developing free and affordable evidence-based resources for anxiety and related disorders. If our mission resonates with you, we hope you’ll participate in Action Anxiety Day, share our resources, and consider donating to the cause.

Thank you to Beneva & TELUS Health

Our Mental Health Champions, Beneva and TELUS Health, and our Mindful Partner, Johnson&Johnson, help make this day possible.