Donate Stocks, Shares, and Securities

You can make a healthy investment and reduce your taxes by donating stocks, shares, or other securities to Anxiety Canada.

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Why donate securities?

When you make a gift of securities to Anxiety Canada, you are supporting mental health by ensuring our programs and services are more accessible to the millions of Canadians struggling with anxiety and related disorders, like OCD and PTSD. Your donation allows children, families, loved ones, and educators to find the help they need.

Donating securities enables you to receive a receipt for your contribution’s full resale market value. Your gift will reduce income taxes and result in a non-refundable tax credit. You may apply it in the same year as your gift or carry it forward for up to five years.

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1 in 4 Canadians have experienced anxiety.

Chances are you know and love someone who needs support. When you support Anxiety Canada, your gift of stocks, shares or securities directly funds the work we do in advocacy, awareness, and education and invests in our organization’s growth to reach more Canadians in need of relief.

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How Do I Donate Stocks, Shares & Securities?

Follow these easy steps:

  1. STEP 1

  2. Please complete the securities transform form. Your broker can send your shared directly from your account to ours. Upon receipt, we will sell the shares and send a charitable tax receipt for the fair market value at the date of transfer.
  1. STEP 2

  2. After submitting the form, you will receive a copy in your inbox. Please also forward a copy of the completed form to your investment advisor or broker.

As securities are transferred into our account anonymously, notifying us will ensure you receive your official receipt for income tax purposes.

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You’ll receive a consolidated receipt of all your monthly giving transactions by February 2024. Please remember to add “[email protected]” as a trusted sender so your receipt does not go to your Junk/Spam folder. If you have not received your tax receipt by Feb 15th, please contact us.

You can donate the following investment types:

    • Securities in-kind (e.g., shares, mutual funds, interests in related segregated fund trusts, government bonds)
    • Flow-through shares (FTSs)
    • Shares acquired through employee stock options
    • Exchangeable shares
    • Registered assets

Depending on the type of securities and how you donate, you may receive tax benefits, such as eliminating capital gains accrued in addition to the donation tax credit. Discuss with your financial advisor to confirm the benefits of your situation and consider the best option for you.

Anxiety Canada’s policy is to sell publicly listed securities the same day they are received into its account. You will receive a tax receipt for the fair market value of the securities within two weeks of the date they are received into its account.

  • Anxiety Canada cannot accept private shares or illiquid investments.

Please complete our form (link below) and instruct your broker to initiate the transfer to our brokerage account on your behalf. Kindly have your broker email or fax this form to our broker, Ashkan Golkar, at RBC Dominion Securities, and cc a copy to our Office Manager (see email and fax on the form).

If you have any questions, please get in touch with our Office Manager, Lisa Nguyen, at 604 227-4864 or [email protected].

To complete and sign the form online, click here.

Normally, there would be no fees to transfer shares as a donation; however, our banking institution may charge a nominal commission to sell the shares based on the size of the transaction.

Once you (the donor) have provided your financial institution with signed instructions (i.e., “the delivering institution”), they should send notice to Anxiety Canada’s institution to confirm the donation. This process normally takes 2-3 business days from the date the donor provides instructions to receive shares in the charity’s account. Processing is also dependent on how quickly the delivering institution acts when receiving instructions.

You will receive a tax receipt from Anxiety Canada for the fair market value of the securities within two weeks of the date they are received into Anxiety Canada Association’s account.

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