Recognizing that effective youth engagement leads to positive outcomes, Anxiety Canada’s Youth Network aims to raise awareness and start conversations about anxiety and anxiety management among youth through an association of peers who make up the Youth Network. This initiative is lead by the Youth Committee, a dedicated group of volunteers whose lives have been touched by anxiety either through personal experiences or that of a friend or family member.

Meet the Youth Committee


What is an Anxiety Canada Youth Ambassador?

Our Ambassadors advocate and educate their peers about anxiety use their lived experience with anxiety or anxiety disorders by: 

  • raising awareness about evidence-based resources and programs provided by Anxiety Canada;  
  • taking part in Anxiety Canada media campaigns; and  
  • helping to normalize talking about mental health and de-stigmatize mental illness in their communities.  

Our Ambassadors also support fundraising initiatives of the organization.   

Ambassadors from each province and territory form a collaborative Youth Network. 

We are looking for post-secondary students, however, we understand that not everyone is able to fit this scenario. We encourage applications from any volunteers who are passionate about advocating for mental health that meet the requirements below, and are able to give back to their local community.  

Are you:

  • Fluent in English;
  • Between the ages of 16-30;
  • Passionate about mental health;
  • Able to commit a minimum of 2 hours per week; and
  • Interested in community engagement?


Why Become an Ambassador

  • By becoming an Ambassador you will have a positive impact on your community. You receive access to training webinars created by Anxiety Canada which enhance your understanding of anxiety, and of our organization.
  • As members of the Youth Network, Ambassadors also have the opportunity to take on leadership roles to refine your leadership skills. You also have the opportunity to refine team work and collaboration skills through participating with peers.
  • After more than a year as an Ambassador, you’re also welcome to request a reference letter.


How to Apply

We are not currently recruiting for the Youth Network.