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Anxiety Canada’s video library features animations, real-life stories, interviews, and more. Whether you’re dealing with anxiety in kids, selective mutism, test jitters, or even postpartum anxiety, we’ve got something for everyone. Some videos come with Tip Sheets for extra info, and you can sort by topic and age group below. Share our videos and spread the knowledge with friends, family, or anyone who needs it.


Looking for short, insightful videos that dissect the complexities of anxiety in a fun and engaging way? Our short-form video series, starring our in-house registered clinical counsellor and educator Mark Antczak, is designed to educate you on anxiety in a way that fits seamlessly into your day-to-day scrolling.

Our new cartoons help pre-teens and teens recognize anxiety and encourage them to seek support. These two entertaining animated series will feature five episodes, addressing social anxiety, health anxiety, contamination OCD, separation anxiety, and more.

Find out more about Caretoons here.

Image of the characters Galaxy Brain and Time Travelling Pizza.


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