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Anxiety Canada is pleased to bring you a comprehensive video library to supplement your learning about anxiety. These videos deliver the latest research and findings in a candid and engaging manner. Ranging in length from three minute, informative clips, to workshops, and presentations lasting 45+ minutes or more. No matter your time limitations, there is something for everyone.



We designed these videos using several formats, including animation and live action, as well as formal interviews and personal stories. Our video catalogue has a variety of topics including understanding anxiety disorders in children and teens and attending a community workshop on Selective Mutism. We also present a series of videos hearing from youth about their real situations dealing with specific anxieties, like test anxiety, feelings of derealization, needle phobia, and more. There are also videos of adults talking about being in therapy. Finally, we also offer videos for new parents coping with postpartum anxiety.

Anxiety Canada produced these videos to broaden your knowledge about anxiety and to enhance your management of anxiety. In some cases, we have created Tip Sheets that accompany a specific video, as is the case with our Easy Separation Video on Separation Anxiety. We know that viewing a video can be both educational and entertaining, and much more convenient than sitting down to read an entire self-help book.

Feel free to share any of our videos with students, friends, family members, and clients. And check out Caretoons, our new animated anxiety series (info below).


Image of the characters Galaxy Brain and Time Travelling Pizza.



One is an alien. The other is a piece of pizza. What do they have in common? Anxiety.

Our new cartoons help pre-teens and teens recognize anxiety and encourage them to seek support. These two entertaining animated series will feature five episodes, addressing social anxiety, health anxiety, contamination OCD, separation anxiety, and more.

Find out more about Caretoons here.



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