June 10, 2024, will be the 4th annual Action Anxiety Day!

What is Action Anxiety Day?

A day where we highlight:

Awareness/Advocacy – Raise awareness of anxiety by sharing your own anxiety stories. 

Colours – Wear blue and orange on June 10 to show support and eliminate the stigma around anxiety disorders. 

Treatment – Raise funds to develop trusted evidence-based resources and affordable treatments for children, teens, and adults. 

More ways to show support:

• Sign the Action Anxiety Day (AAD) proclamation.

•  Share your story and support others. We want to hear your anxiety stories and we’ve made it easy to share with our AAD Social Media Guide. See our resource page here.

  Print our poster and pin it up at school or in your office!

•  Show your support on social media by using the following hashtags: #ActionAnxietyDay #ACTonAnxiety #ACTdontAvoid

• When you rock blue and orange the week of AAD, snap a selfie and tag us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn!



Your gift will support improving the mental health of those struggling with anxiety.



Start a campaign for those who are affected by anxiety and anxiety-related disorders.


Get your school involved

Learn about anxiety and how to manage it together: Download the educator’s toolkit!



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Sign the Action Anxiety Day Proclamation!

Sign, share, and support to show you care about mental health in Canada!


Use our hashtags to show support:


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We would like to thank our Mental Health Champion, Beneva!

Action Anxiety Day is supported by our generous Mental Health Champion, Beneva, and our Mindful Partners, Telus Wise and Sparkjoy Studios.