Allison's story about her anxiety

Allison is a 7-year-old girl who lives with her parents and two younger siblings. Allison has missed numerous days of school since starting kindergarten, and is becoming increasingly upset about going to school.

Monday mornings are often the worst, when Allison has temper tantrums and screams for her mom to allow her to stay home. Sometimes she lets Allison stay home to help with her baby sisters. On other days, Allison makes her mom stay in the school hallway for at least an hour before Allison “allows” her to leave. Allison’s mother must be exactly on time picking her up at the end of school; otherwise, Allison threatens not to go to school the next day. Allison also insists that her mom be present when she goes to birthday parties or on play dates, and she wants her mom to be in sight at all times if they go to the park. Allison has nightmares about monsters coming “to get her and take her away”. She also worries about her parents being harmed in an accident or being beaten up by burglars.