MindShift was launched June 10, 2013. To date we have had over 460,000 downloads of the app. We have now added two new situations under the My Situations tab: Riding Out Intense Emotions & Making Sleep Count.

Riding Out Intense Emotions – Includes:

Get the Facts – We feel what we feel. There are no “right” or “wrong’ emotions. Anxiety, sadness, grief, anger, shame, and guilt are all part of being human. Unfortunately, we can’t simply just get rid of certain emotions because they all serve an important purpose in our lives – even the difficult ones.

Check Yourself – Find out if you have a hard time riding out intense or difficult emotions. Do you struggle with intense or difficult emotions?

Make A Plan – Learn to use Thinking Right StrategiesChill Out Tools, and Taking Active Steps to cope better.

Making Sleep Count – Includes:

Get the Facts – Sleep has lots of benefits. Getting enough sleep improves your mood and makes it easier to manage stress and anxiety. A good night’s sleep enhances memory and concentration, which helps you perform better at work or school. Without enough quality sleep, you’ll likely feel drained and cranky, making it tough to get through the day.

Check Yourself – Find out if sleep is a problem for you. Do you struggle to get a good night’s sleep?

Make a Plan – Plan a good night’s sleep using Thinking Right StrategiesChill Out Tools, and Taking Active Steps.

These additions will also be added to our Youth website later this year.

You can down load the new release from the MindShift App page.