Audrey's story about anxiety

Audrey is a 5-year-old girl who lives with her parents and older brother. At home, Audrey is a happy and fun-loving child where she loves playing games and putting on plays for her brother and parents.

However, at school and in the community, Audrey is a completely different child and becomes completely silent when required to speak. When Audrey entered school, she was excited to go, and eager to participate, however she would completely shut down any time the teacher asked her a question, acting as if her teacher were a tiger coming to attack her! When she is not required to speak, Audrey willingly communicates using nonverbal gestures with her classmates and teachers. At school, Audrey’s best friend Hannah will speak for her and answer any questions on her behalf. Audrey’s needs are met despite the fact that she uses nonverbal gestures to communicate in the classroom.