You may periodically have some of these worries:

  • Will my baby have birth defects?
  • Will I have a miscarriage?
  • Will my baby be stillborn?
  • Will the drugs or alcohol I had (or ingested or took) before I was pregnant affect my baby?
  • Have I been exposed to or done something that could hurt the fetus?

Common worries about childbirth

  • How will I cope with the pain of labour?
  • How badly will I tear?
  • What if I can’t have the birth that I want?
  • What if I need to get an emergency C-section?
  • What if I lose control and make a fool out of myself?
  • What will my partner think of me during and after labour?
  • What if I defecate or vomit during labour?

Some women find it helpful to hear that only a very small percentage of babies are born with a problem. For the very few babies that do have a health issue of some kind, most have a problem that can be treated. Thanks to a multitude of factors, life-threatening birth defects are very rare nowadays.

Worries about life with a baby

  • Will I be a good parent? Will my partner/husband be a good parent?
  • Will the baby change our relationship?
  • How will my child cope with a new baby coming home?
  • Can we financially afford this baby?
  • What if I don’t feel love for my baby?
  • What if I can’t breastfeed?
  • What if I get postpartum depression?

When should you worry about worrying?

If you find that you are spending a lot of time ruminating about some of these things, to the point that it is causing you significant distress over a long period of time, and is interfering with your life and relationships, you may be experiencing an anxiety disorder.

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