We’re Expanding!

Visit anxietycanada.com on or after July 1st and see for yourself. We’ve updated, upgraded, added to and improved our website in order to provide you with a state of the art, professionally reviewed resource for identifying and managing anxiety disorders.

Here’s What’s New

  • The Adults & Parents section: Reviewed by experts, this newly updated DSM 5 compliant section now provides user-friendly content on Agoraphobia. Look for sections on Skin Excoriation and Hoarding, and Health Anxiety coming later this year.
  • The Parents (new site Children) section: We’ve added new content on Health Anxiety; Selective Mutism including a short video; a Fact Finder; Anxiety at Home; My Anxiety Plan (M.A.P.), and a number of new tools and work sheets. Content on Skin Excoriation and Hoarding is also coming later this year.
  • The New Mothers (new site Parents) section: We’re adding new content for Dads. We are interested in your feedback on this, so please send us your comments.
  • Treatments – (new) section: Pharmacological therapies
  • Quicklinks (new) section: We’re adding new content for Educators, and Health Professionals. Once again, we’re interested in your feedback.
  • Resources section: We’ve re-organized this area, adding all our mulit-media content (video, audio) in an easy-to-search page-listing format.

And we’ve made finding the content easier than ever

To improve navigation we have combined all of the modules into three drop down menus: Resources, Self-Help and About Us. In the Self-help section the content is now listed on a left side bar, and is organized by general information, specific information, tools, and worksheets, for easy reference.

Mobile Access

Now you can easily access all the information on our web site using your mobile devices. The website automatically detects your screen size and adjusts the pages and menus to fit your screen.