Active woman exercising with equipment

You are not alone in finding this difficult. Approximately 50% of people who begin an exercise program stop within six months.

Although exercise has many positive effects on our mood, you may only experience these changes after you finish exercising or in the long term. Let’s be honest – some of us do not find the actual exercising enjoyable so it’s hard to feel motivated. Keep reminding yourself that if you keep at it, both your body and your mind will benefit.

Ideas to set yourself up for success:

  • Start with small, realistic goals.
  • Try to find an exercise buddy – people are more likely to exercise when they have a friend or partner to do it with. Do you have a pregnant friend you can meet?
  • Splurge for a few personal trainer sessions.
  • Look for community centre drop-in classes to get you going. Prenatal yoga or exercise classes can be quite social and a good place to meet other moms.

 For ideas on setting effective goals, see Guide for Goal Setting.

Can you exercise too much?

Yes you can. Check with your health care provider before dramatically changing your exercise routine. You will need to be kind to your pregnant body, as some of the natural changes of pregnancy will affect the type and intensity of exercise you choose.