Ellie found herself “crying in the car before going into the grocery store.” She struggled to manage her anxiety around her children to the point that she “wanted to hide in the closet, just to get five minutes of quiet.”

Until she found the resources available through Anxiety Canada, Ellie believed that evidence-based mental health resources were out of reach for her. “People need to know that there are free tools to help you, now. And they work.”

Mental health issues don’t go away in a pandemic. It’s normal to feel anxious about the uncertainties most of us are facing right now. But more and more people are finding it increasingly tough to cope with worries over health, finances, and family. For some, their anxieties are compounded by a sense of isolation and loneliness due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Every year, Anxiety Canada provides 1.9 million people like Ellie with direct access to trusted information about anxiety and anxiety disorders. We are a registered charity and non-profit organization. From our free MindShift CBT app, which provides scientific-based techniques to help ease anxiety, to our MindShift CBT Group therapy program, to web-based information and resources, we are helping Canadians of all ages and stages to cope with the anxieties brought on by life and COVID-19.

Now, we need your help to reach more Canadians.

Since March of this year, we have faced an exponential increase in the demand for our resources. Anxiety Canada is proud to announce that we have also developed French language services and resources, so we can truly reach every corner of our country.

In May, our free app, MindShift CBT, saw an all-time high in monthly active users (86,949).

Since then, monthly active users have remained stable at over 70,000+ users.

Increased demand for our resources has resulted in wait-lists for our therapy programs as well as a shortage of trained facilitators for them. We also have increased technological and human resource demands linked with the ever-rising usage of our website, app and programs.

Please, help us meet the expanding need for mental health resources. Together, we can continue to reach those who need our support and build healthier communities across Canada.

Yes, I Want to Help

With gratitude,

Judith Law, Executive Director, Anxiety Canada


Steve Ivacko, Board Chair, Anxiety Canada