L'Histoire de Mme Chan sur sa traumatisme familial

Ms. Chan is a 25-year-old paralegal who shares a small apartment with her 16-year-old sister. It has been a month since Ms. Chan and her sister moved out of their parents’ home after years of witnessing their father abuse their mother both verbally and physically.

Ms. Chan always tried to protect her little sister from what was happening; however, recent changes in her sister’s behavior have got her worried. For example, Ms. Chan has noticed her sister always seems to be on edge, jumping at the slightest noise. In addition, she hardly sleeps, is irritable and withdrawn, and appears to have lost weight. The most recent indication that her sister is suffering has been her decision to delay going to college, opting to work full time at the local grocery store instead. Ms. Chan is worried her sister may be suffering some sort of stress reaction from witnessing so much violence at home.