…A is for Type A Personality

…A is for Anxiety

…A is for Activity

In a recent conversation with a colleague, he kindly pointed out to me that I am a “Type A personality” and when it comes to my Type A personality, he told me that I’m an A+. I admit, I always did strive for A+ marks in school, but as all great Type A’s know – we are never satisfied, no matter how well we do.

Type A individuals are generally known for the following attributes:

  • Being very competitive and self-critical
  • Striving towards goals without feeling a sense of joy in our efforts or accomplishments
  • Being in a constant struggle against the clock
  • Disliking delays or unproductive time
  • Trying to do more than one thing at a time

The reality is that my Type A personality has served me well in many ways.

I expect a lot of myself, I work hard, and I’m proud of many things that I have accomplished, both in my personal and professional life.

There is, however, no doubt that my Type A personality has increased my anxiety – even more so as I get older.

Like anyone with anxiety, I look for ways to manage it. As a Type A, of course, I try to control it, and I’m sure you know how that turns out.

As a result, I use many skills from my first A (Personality Type) to bring me success with my second A (Anxiety) and do so with the third A (Activity).

Activity can mean something completely different for each of us.

For me, it means that I work out almost every day, and I set goals, so I can control the effort I put in so that if I work hard enough, I can see positive results. I find it very helpful.

I walk my dog every day, I go to HIIT classes several times a week, I hike, I attend spin classes each weekend, and generally, keep myself active each day. I am in my early forties and will continue to strive for greater balance with my Type A personality traits and my anxiety, but let’s be honest – I am who I am, and you are who you are.

We must embrace who we are and set ourselves up for success – whatever that looks like for you. For me, a key to that success is staying active – yes for this Type A – very active.

As I strive for perfect A’s – activity might be my most important factor. Take care of yourself this month and every month after that.

Be well.

TC Carling

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TC Carling, Anxiety Canada Board of Directors

TC Carling is the Vice President, Hockey Administration for Canucks Sports & Entertainment where he oversees the human performance, medical, strength & conditioning, equipment, and team services departments. He also provides the strategic leadership for the game entertainment, content, and retail teams. During his 18 years with the Canucks, TC also served as Director, Media Relations & Team Operations and most recently as Vice President, Communications, and Community Partnerships where he was responsible for developing and implementing corporate communication strategies across all Canucks Sports & Entertainment and Canucks for Kids Fund initiatives. TC also served as the Senior Vice-President of the Canadian Men’s Health Foundation, a not-for-profit organization that inspires Canadian men to lead and live healthier lives. TC Carling graduated from the B.C.I.T. Radio Broadcasting Program and joined the Board of Directors for Anxiety BC in 2015.