Anxious toddler playing with toy in highchair

Lizzie Jones was born at 26 weeks. She was in the neonatal intensive care unit for a very long time until she was discharged. Those early years were very hard for the Jones family. They attended countless doctors’ appointments for various health problems.

Lizzie had vision difficulties, gross motor delays and was slow at acquiring speech. At age five, Lizzie still had some difficulties speaking clearly, but was otherwise progressing at the same rate as her peers. Halfway through Grade One, Lizzie transferred schools because Mr. Jones was relocated to a job on the other side of the country. When Lizzie arrived at her new school, she did not speak to anyone. Months later, she stopped speaking to people in the community as well. Lizzie’s mom knew something was wrong and took her to the pediatrician. The doctor told Mrs. Jones that Lizzie was adjusting to a new situation and would grow out of this stage with a little time. That was two years ago and Lizzie is still not talking in school or in new places.