How does healthy eating help me manage my anxiety?

We know that low blood sugar can make us more cranky and irritable, but have you noticed that it can also make you more anxious? Eating small meals throughout the day helps to stabilize our blood sugar and helps us concentrate and think more clearly.

To ensure you’re eating regularly, try to eat by the clock (scheduling in meals and snacks), rather than waiting until you notice the symptoms of not eating.

When we eat irregularly or skip meals, our blood sugar will be less consistent and more likely to dip. This can cause many different symptoms, many of which overlap with anxiety:

  • fatigue
  • hunger
  • irritability
  • lightheadedness
  • mental cloudiness
  • nervousness
  • shakiness
  • sweating

Pregnancy may add extra challenges to eating well

When you are feeling bloated or nauseous, food is the last thing you want to think about (much less see, or smell!). As much as possible, try eating smaller, more frequent meals so you get the food you need, but make it easier on a sensitive digestive system. Ask your maternity care provider for ways to help your nausea or discomfort. They will likely have lots of tips on eating for you and your baby.

Another resource is the Dietitian Services at HealthlinkBC: visit Healthy Eating for information and to email a dietitian.