Germs and getting sick are a normal part of life. When we get sick, our family and loved ones will take care of us and we’ll get through it. But sometimes our thoughts about staying safe and healthy become obsessive or spiral out of our control.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) features a pattern of unwanted thoughts and fears (obsessions) that lead to repetitive behaviours (compulsions). Chris Crust, the main character of Time Travelling Pizza, finds that his health anxiety leads to obsessions and compulsions, which start to interfere with his daily life. Chris can tell that his worried thoughts are impacting his usual activities and causing him stress, but he doesn’t know what to do to make the thoughts stop. Once Chris opens up about his thoughts in a safe space, he can start exploring his unhealthy thinking patterns and challenge them.

Caretoons animated series about anxiety for kids


Loved ones (or his future self!) help him challenge his ruling thought patterns. Eventually, he can work on exposure and analyzing his triggers — we fight our fears by facing them. You are not alone in your struggle. Remember that it’s normal to feel anxiety, especially as the world around us changes. Even if you can’t talk to yourself from the future, you can still find someone to discuss your feelings with. A friend, parent, or trusted teacher can help you recognize and cope with your fears and anxieties.

Talking About Anxiety

Share this video series with other people you know and see if any of them feel the same way. It’s a fun way to share your feelings and maybe help your friends as well! Remember, it’s okay to talk about how you feel. Keep the conversation going! Let kids know that it’s okay to talk about their feelings and give them a safe space to express themselves. Open up and discuss your own anxieties so they know they’re not alone.

► Have you had obsessive thoughts about germs or cleaning—and it starts feeling like all you can think about?
► Can you think of anyone else who may feel the same way you do?
► What do you think ‘future you’ would say if they could time travel?
► Who is someone you trust that you could talk to about your feelings?

See our blog post on how to use our Caretoons as a tool to talk to children about health anxiety to learn more.



Caretoons animated series about anxiety for kids



Galaxy Brain, our other Caretoons series, shows Drexal the Alien facing Contamination OCD!

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Using Caretoons with Kids

Time Travelling Pizza is an animated series for pre-teens and teens on topics like social anxiety, health anxiety, contamination OCD, and more. With humour and heart, Time Travelling Pizza normalizes anxiety in an entertaining way and encourages youth to seek help from a trusted parent, teacher, or friend.

Anxiety Canada created ‘Caretoons’ to help parents, educators, young adults, and healthcare providers start a dialogue with youth to help them understand that they’re not alone.

Many youths don’t realize that they are experiencing anxiety or OCD. How can you help youth with contamination OCD? Using Caretoons, ask questions about their feelings and carefully listen to their answers. You can help them name their fears and feelings, recognize symptoms, and understand the impact anxious or obsessive thoughts have on their lives.

More Resources About Anxiety


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Caretoons animated series about anxiety for kids


Caretoons, the animated series, was created with the support of British Columbia’s Ministry of Mental Health and Addictions by Point Blank Creative and Anxiety Canada. Voiced by acclaimed comedian and author, Charlie Demers.