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Dr. Christiana Bratiotis
Committee Member


Christiana Bratiotis, PhD, MSW is an Associate Professor in the School of Social Work at The University of British Columbia (UBC) and Associate Director of the Centre for Collaborative Research on Hoarding in the UBC Department of Psychology where she conducts research on cross-sectoral interventions for hoarding.

Christiana pioneered scholarly work on the formation and operation of multi-disciplinary community hoarding task forces, highlighted in her first book titled, The Hoarding Handbook: A Guide for Human Service Professionals published by Oxford University Press. She is recognized as the leading global authority on implementing community-based interventions for hoarding and her current research interests center on hoarding treatment and intervention efforts in the context of affordable housing and community-based organizations. In mid-2020, Christiana co-authored her second book titled, Hoarding: What Everyone Needs to Know also published by Oxford University Press.

Christiana offers national and international consultation on hoarding behaviour to families and communities. She has given more than 250 invited community lectures, keynote addresses, agency clinical trainings and academic presentations around the world. In 2011, Christiana developed the HOMES Multi-disciplinary Hoarding Risk Assessment which has been translated into six languages and is used by communities to assess risk and guide hoarding interventions. Her work in hoarding has been highlighted by media outlets including the Canadian Press, The Vancouver Sun, the New York Times, Boston Globe and the Chicago Tribune.