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Dr. Robert Selles
Committee Member

Dr. Robert Selles is a Registered Psychologist and postdoctoral fellow with the Provincial OCD Program at BC Children’s Hospital and sees a small number of patients in private practice at Cornerstone Child and Family Psychology Clinic. Dr. Selles currently holds clinical research fellowships from the BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute and Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research.

Studying with leaders in the field, Dr. Selles has considerable training, clinical expertise, and research activity, including a number of scientific publications, in the assessment and treatment of OCD, anxiety disorders, and repetitive behaviour disorders (e.g., tics, hair-pulling, skin-picking). Dr. Selles’ work focuses on improving treatment outcomes for youth through research on assessment and phenomenology, barriers to treatment, factors that predict improvement, effective components of treatment, supplements to treatment, family involvement, and dissemination of evidence-based treatment to the community. Dr. Selles joined Anxiety Canada’s Scientific Advisory Committee in November 2017.