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Moneeza Sami


Moneeza Sami recently graduated from the University of Windsor, where she completed her Bachelor of Commerce with a specialization in Marketing. As someone who has lived experience with anxiety, she joined Anxiety Canada to help others feel less alone in their mental health journeys. Through her role on the Youth Committee, Moneeza has helped lead projects, such as the creation of resources for immigrant communities to decrease mental health stigma in those communities, creating educational material for elementary school-aged children about anxiety, and presenting at the Healthy Minds Healthy Campuses Summit in 2023.

She created a pen pal program called Ambassadors United to promote team building among the Youth Ambassadors at Anxiety Canada.

Moneeza also hopes to promote Anxiety Canada to those outside of British Columbia. As someone from Ontario, she was unfamiliar with Anxiety Canada’s resources until she joined the team. She believes these resources have the potential to help millions of Canadians improve their mental well-being and quality of life.