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Pargol Lesueur
Health Literacy Lead


Pargol Lesueur is the Health Literacy Lead at Anxiety Canada. Pargol’s background includes academic research and digital marketing. Prior to joining the team, Pargol worked as a marketing and communications consultant for a range of clients. Pargol’s journey with Anxiety Canada began in 2019, when she helped create the organization’s Youth Network as a volunteer. In 2020, Pargol became more involved with Anxiety Canada, offering her marketing and communications expertise as a consultant. Joining the team as an employee was a natural fit, given her passion for the organization’s cause. As a mental health advocate, Pargol strives to increase dialogue around anxiety and anxiety resources, to help ensure Canadians across the nation can access the help they need.

Pargol’s education includes a B.A. in Psychology from the University of British Columbia, as well as a Digital Marketing Diploma from Sauder School of Business.