Do you sometimes experience anxiety? We invite you to join a research study that will evaluate the effectiveness of a free smartphone app to help people manage anxiety and psychological distress! Recruitment for this study has ended.

Title of Project Community Applications of the MindShift App
Objective To evaluate the effectiveness of a free smartphone app called MindShift to help people manage anxiety and psychological distress. MindShift, a free smartphone app designed by expert psychologists and psychiatrists based on cognitive behavioural therapy.
Characteristics of the participants In order to participate, you must:

  1. Be at least 18 years of age and located in Canada or the United States of America;
  2. Be comfortable with the English language to complete study questionnaires; and
  3. Have regular access to a smart phone and/or mobile device running iOS or Android and have at least semi regular access to the internet.
Potential Risks Data entered into the MindShift app could be exposed in the event that a participant loses their phone or device and the device is not locked.
End date 31/08/22
Time required to take the Survey Participation in the study involves completing an initial online assessment of baseline anxiety and psychological distress, watching a short video about the features of the MindShift app, using the MindShift app for 16 weeks, and completing 5 follow-up online assessments of anxiety and distress over the 16-week study period. Overall, participation in this study may take up to 10 hours (includes using the app) over the course of 16 weeks.
Survey Link Thank you for your interest. Recruitment for this study has ended.
Participation Gift Participants can receive up to $95 CAD (or the equivalent in USD) as financial compensation for time spent completing the study.
Contact If you have additional questions about the study, please contact the study team by email at [email protected] or phone at 519-783-1393


Preliminary study results for people who participated from November 2020 to February 2021