Anxiety Canada Volunteers


Thanks for your interest in joining our volunteer team!

Volunteering is a great way to meet new people, develop new skills, to share your story and to have fun – all while making a tremendous difference to Canadians with anxiety.

We need your help promoting awareness of anxiety disorders and increasing access to proven resources.

Each year, our volunteers donate more than 520 hours of their time to support Anxiety Canada.

Whether you’re sharing your anxiety story, helping out at an event, or assisting with office work, our volunteers’ dedication is essential to what we do.


Would you like to learn more about volunteering with Anxiety Canada?

Check out our volunteers’ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Learn more about our Youth Network here. Volunteer applications are currently closed.

Research Studies

If you’re interested, you can also participate in a research study. Please note that research studies are not directly affiliated with Anxiety Canada unless otherwise stated.