Action Anxiety Day Resources

How can you ACT on Action Anxiety Day?

Use our tools to advocate and support Action Anxiety Day on June 10. Break the stigma around anxiety and anxiety disorders by sharing your story, educating others, or posting on social media and getting your loved ones involved.





A C T on Action Anxiety Day (AAD)! The pillars of AAD are Awareness (Advocate and share anxiety stories!), Colours (Wear blue and orange to show your support) & Treatment (Raise funds for anxiety resources & treatment).

With our Educator Toolkit and Social Media Guide, find out how to participate and spread awareness, including the following ways:

  • Print the Action Anxiety Day poster to pin up at school or in the office
  • Share your story and support others. We want to hear your stories, and you can use the suggested images in our content bank to help tell yours!
  • On social media, use the hashtags #ActionAnxietyDay #ACTonAnxiety #ACTdontAvoid
  • Wear blue and orange, snap a selfie, and tag us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn!

text on a blue background that says I support Action Anxiety Day. Hands with a heart. Action Anxiety Day logo in the corner.

For Fundraisers

For the super-star fundraisers starting a personal or team challenge for AAD, see our fundraising page and make sure to download our Action Anxiety Day Fundraising Guide!

Action Anxiety Day is supported by our generous Mental Health Champion, Beneva, and our Mindful Partner, Telus Wise.