May 1, 2024 — Anxiety Canada breaking barriers to mental health support with TELUS Health: Collaboration with TELUS Health expands access to therapy for people in Canada through exceptional personalized counselling.

Anxiety Canada, a leading registered charity dedicated to destigmatizing anxiety and its related disorders, is thrilled to announce that we have joined forces with TELUS Health, a global healthcare leader working together with public healthcare systems to bridge and expand care options for individuals in Canada. Through this agreement, people across Canada are able to access virtual counselling sessions through the TELUS Health MyCare app to manage anxiety to help them live the lives they want. Working together underscores a mutual commitment to supporting mental health accessibility, bridging gaps, and helping reduce the burden on the public healthcare system. 

“We believe everyone deserves access to quality mental healthcare,” says Judith Law, CEO, Anxiety Canada. “Teaming up with TELUS Health marks a significant stride toward making mental health support more accessible and inclusive, and our expanded programs empower individuals to take the first step towards accessing the care that fits their unique needs.” 

 Understanding the diverse needs of those seeking support and building on our MindShift Program, which includes the award-winning app, MindShift CBT, and online group therapy program, MindShift Groups, this collaboration with TELUS Health acknowledges that group therapy may not suit everyone and fills a vital gap. The TELUS Health MyCare app allows Anxiety Canada to seamlessly refer individuals to TELUS Health’s experienced counsellors, ensuring tailored support aligned with individual preferences.  

We are proud to work with Anxiety Canada to help more people get the mental health care they need before it becomes critical,” says Matt Chow, Chief Mental Health Officer at TELUS Health. “Giving individuals convenient access to our strong team of highly skilled counsellors is an exciting step towards enabling people to live their healthiest lives.” 

Many Canadians encounter barriers to mental health services, including long waitlists and financial constraints. Together, Anxiety Canada and TELUS Health are dismantling these barriers, ensuring universal access to essential care. “Our goal is to provide individuals access to the tools they need to understand and manage their anxiety through evidence-based approaches,” adds Law.  

To learn more about how to access TELUS Health MyCare no-cost counselling sessions with an expert clinician from the comfort and privacy of your home, visit our website. 

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Anxiety Canada is a global leader in developing free, online self-help and evidence-based anxiety resources. A registered charity, Anxiety Canada was established in 1999 to reduce the barrier of anxiety and its related disorders so that people can live the life they want. In addition to the award-winning, free anxiety management app, MindShift® CBT, we provide trusted services and programs, including our: 

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