Jane first started pulling her eyelashes, followed by her eyebrows, shortly after she turned 12 and she and her friends started wearing makeup. Jane had not intended to pull, but rather was learning how to apply mascara and use a lash curler, when a few isolated hairs failed to curl correctly.

When she then removed them with tweezers, she noticed the pull provided a pleasant sensation. At first she pulled out only 1-2 lashes when they were positioned oddly, but within a few weeks she found she was seeking out these types of lashes, and pulling with greater frequency. As this created an a-symmetrical result, she felt forced to pull more. However, despite the pleasant sensations, she was afraid that the loss of lashes was becoming noticeable, so she started to pull her eyebrows. It has been 1.5 years since the pulling started, and Jane no longer has lashes or brows, and must wear fake eyelashes and draw in her eyebrows. Although she has tried to grow them back, whenever she is marginally successful, she quickly resorts to pulling them out and must start over.  Jane is embarrassed about how she looks and has started avoiding social events with her friends.