October 2 – 8 was Mental Health Awareness Week (MIAW), a national public education campaign designed to help open the eyes of Canadians to the reality of mental illness. This year’s theme was Spreading Awareness, Reducing Stigma #endthestigma. In case you missed it, check out the conversation on Twitter #MIAW2016.

We would like to help reduce the stigma by sharing seven facts about anxiety:

1. Anxiety is normal. Everyone experiences anxiety at times.
2. Anxiety is adaptive. It is a system in our body that helps us to deal with real danger or to perform at our best.
3. Anxiety is not dangerous. Although anxiety may feel uncomfortable, it is not dangerous or harmful to you.
4. Anxiety does not last forever. When you are anxious, you may feel like the anxiety is going to last forever. But anxiety is temporary and will eventually decrease.
5. Anxiety is mostly anonymous. Most people (except those close to you) cannot tell when you are anxious because it does not show on your face.
6. Anxiety can become a problem. Anxiety is a problem when your body reacts as if there is danger when there is no real danger.
7. Anxiety problems are common. 1-in-10 adults suffer from anxiety problems.


To learn more about anxiety, visit https://anxietycanada.com/adults/what-is-anxiety