Welcome to Anxiety Canada’s STRIDES Spring Newsletter. For some of us, winter tends to be a tough time of the year, with the darker weather and shorter days, it’s common to feel a bit down or less energetic. For parents with anxious children, transitions, such as returning to school after Spring Break, can be difficult. Anxiety Canada has resources on separation anxiety and strategies that you can use to help your child readjust to school after a break. This week, we also announced the launch of M.A.P. (My Anxiety Plan) for children. M.A.P. is a self-help tool developed by a pediatric psychologist to help parents and caregivers of children with mild to moderate anxiety, manage their anxiety. M.A.P consists of content and worksheets for eleven different children’s anxiety disorders – with all resources available free of charge on the Anxiety Canada website. You can create a M.A.P. while waiting to see a therapist or in lieu of one if you do not have access to a mental health professional.

I’m pleased to share that the Parker Art Salon has chosen Anxiety Canada to be their charity of choice this year. Please come out for an evening of fine art, music, food, and wine at the 3rd Annual Parker Art Salon on Friday, May 5th. A portion of proceeds from the ticket sales and the Small Art Exhibit will go to Anxiety Canada. Tickets are $20. See our event page for more information.

As we often say “Small steps can lead to big change.” If there is someone who you think can benefit from Anxiety Canada’s resources, suggest that s/he follow us on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn, and YouTube.

–       Judith