Anxiety Canada is extremely pleased to announce the launch of My Anxiety Plan (M.A.P.) for Children. M.A.P. is a free online anxiety management toolkit and step-by-step guide for parents with anxious children. You can read the full press release here.

After identifying a need for anxiety management tools that parents can use at home, Anxiety Canada, along with a psychologist, developed tools based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) that can be used to manage eleven different anxiety and anxiety related disorders. This program and the resources associated with it are free of charge on the Anxiety Canada website.

How does it work?

M.A.P. is separated into five parts and broken down into easy to manage sessions that the parent can complete with the child. Each session consists of tools and worksheets that will help the child learn what happens to the body when s/he becomes anxious and teaches them how to decrease excessive anxiety by gradually being exposed to anxiety-provoking situations and activities that s/he previously avoided. The parent, or parent and child, can work at their own pace to complete the sections.

M.A.P. (My Anxiety Plan) for children, includes an orientation video on how to develop the personalized anxiety plan by using Anxiety Canada’s templates, tools, and worksheets. You can find M.A.P on Anxiety Canada’s website at