Stay active – Yeah, everyone says staying active is important, blah blah you’ve heard it a hundred times. But everyone says it because it’s true! You don’t have to be a jock or play team sports to be active. What about dancing, swimming, yoga, or a martial arts class? Going for a walk with a friend or to the gym? Walking home from school three times a week instead of taking the bus. Just 15 minutes of activity every day can help you feel less stressed!

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Make a change – Sometimes a change is as good as a rest. If you find yourself stuck in a rut, and each day feels like the next, do something completely different. Lots of teens end up watching TV or surfing the Net every evening for hours. This might be preventing you from experiencing a deeper level of relaxation. Instead, why don’t you go for a walk (alone or with a buddy), or take up a new hobby like guitar, knitting, or jewelry making. Join a graphic design or photography class at the community centre. The change of scenery and routine will help break the boredom and get you excited about something new.

Take time for yourself – It’s better to take five or ten mini-breaks through the day than go full throttle all week then crash for 10 hours on the weekend! If you are feeling stressed with a big project deadline, build in some mini-breaks through the day, such as cuddling with your pet, giving your friend who moved away last year a quick call, having a shower, or making yourself a cup of tea or hot chocolate. In other words, pace yourself.

Laugh – Laughter is a wonderful stress reliever and helps the body to relax tense muscles. It actually releases chemicals in the body that reduce tension and pain. How cool is that? So put on a funny movie, watch some hilarious YouTube videos, or call a friend who makes you laugh.