The Chu family run a busy household: there are four children under 18 and both parents work full-time. However, things have become even more chaotic in recent months. Their oldest son Brian has been struggling since his transition into high school last year, which has surprised the Chus as Brian has never had difficulty in school.

In fact, Brian graduated top of his middle school and was voted Most Likely to Succeed. Although Brian’s first year of high school was uneventful, since returning to school this year he complains most days, negatively comparing his school to the local public school where his friends are, claiming his teachers are too strict and that his peers don’t like him. Brian has been petitioning his parents about changing schools, but Mr. and Mrs. Chu are adamant that Brian stay where he is. Monday mornings are the worst, with Brian refusing to get out of bed and often getting to school late, which in turn causes Mr. Chu to be late to work. The Chu’s are becoming exhausted listening to Brian’s complaints, forcing him out of bed most mornings, and resorting to threats to confiscate his access to screens just to get him to school on time. They are not sure what to do and are running out of patience.