Anxious new mom with child at beach

The responsibility of caring for a new baby can feel tremendous and daunting.

Doubts and new fears can creep in and fill you with worries. You may wonder: Why am I having these scary thoughts all the time? Why do I worry so much, even when I know it’s not helping? How can I stop imagining the worst-case scenarios?

In this section, we hope to answer these questions. We will also offer you tools to understand how your thoughts can affect your anxiety – and what you can do to feel more in charge.

8 Tools for Healthy and Flexible Thinking

  1. Understand the Nature of Thoughts
  2. The Truth about Worry
  3. Your Anxiety Fingerprint
  4. Recognize Thinking Traps
  5. Consider More Helpful Thoughts
  6. R.O.L.L with Anxious Thoughts
  7. Befriend Uncertainty
  8. Treat Yourself Kindly