Self care massage

When was the last time you did something nice for yourself?

A common side effect of not feeling good about yourself is a sense of worthlessness, as though you don’t have the same needs or rights as others and don’t deserve good things. We so easily forget to treat ourselves with as much love and care as we give to our families.

How could you overcome the feeling of worthlessness? There are many things you can do, and a good start is acting as if you believe that you are worth it. Do nice things for yourself and practise good self-care.

For example:

If I was worth it, I would…

  • ask for support when I need it
  • take a nap when I’m tired instead of doing housework
  • take a night off every other week to go out with my friends
  • get a massage
  • buy myself a little treat
  • get my hair done
  • say “no” when the request isn’t reasonable
  • not apologize for things that aren’t my fault